Unique smooth taste flowing directly from source to bottle.

Acqua Panna is an Italian brand of natural mineral water. It takes its name from Villa Panna in the hills of Tuscany, where the natural spring it is sourced from was first discovered.

Completely natural, Acqua Panna flows through the rocks for over 14 years and is bottled at the source – with no intervention from man,

In the 16th century, the powerful ruling family of the Medicis in Florence owned the spring, and it was fenced off as their private property. The family had fresh drinking water from this preserved natural spring, whereas many other unclaimed springs were contaminated with animal waste. Acqua Panna now belongs to San Pellegrino.

Acqua Panna has been described as the balanced taste water. Its organolectic properties have been recognized by international chefs and sommeliers around the whole world. Its particular balance of minerals results in a pure and elegant tasting experience.

Acqua Panna graces the best fine dining restaurants in the world.

It is best to drink it fresh, between 53°F/12°C and 64°F/18°C, and tasting it as pure as it flows from the source – without any ice-cubes nor lemon.

According to expert sommeliers, Acqua Panna is best paired with a ‘light’ wine, and all foods that are considered ‘delicate’. The natural mineral water perfectly accompanies and complements these tastes and makes them prolong on your tastebuds.

Usually, Acqua Panna is paired with white or even bubbly wines, but of course, everything is a matter of personal taste.

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