Each drop naturally filtered and perfected by time in a 14-year journey from spring to bottle.

Acqua Panna water was founded at the Panna estate in Tuscany, dating back to the Renaissance period.

The year 1564 is representative of the heritage of Acqua Panna, when the famous De Medici Florentine family acquired and outlined the Panna estate area with an official law. This prominent Tuscan family, patron of arts and culture, used to spend their holidays at Panna estate in the beautiful Tuscan land, enjoying local specialties and drinking water from the same source where we find Acqua Panna today.

This still natural mineral water, flows from the Acqua Panna springs in the Mugello area in Tuscany where it gently continues deep through the hills and rocks in the lush nature of this famous region. Each drop is naturally filtered and perfected by time in a 14-year journey to the spring. A journey that gifts Acqua Panna with its special mineral balance to result in the balanced taste water.

The water from the Acqua Panna spring is bottled untouched. It is non-allergenic and has no gluten present.

Due to its low amount of mineral content, Acqua Panna mineral water is suitable for infants and the preparation of their food.

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