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Champagne for Christmas

It’ll soon be the season of bubbly and parties with the year-end holidays and celebrations round the corner. Here are some Champagne accompaniments for merrymaking. Don’t drink Champagne by itself. Adding other ingredients to Champagne, such as mint or lemon peel, can really enhance the…

The Glencairn glass

Designed solely for whisky, the Glencairn glass has a tulip shape similar to a snifter – but it’s generally smaller in size and more robust. It also has a slight lip around the rim for easy drinkability. In the beginning In the long and illustrious…

Glengoyne unveils 15YO

Launched just a month ago. Glengoyne has unveiled a new 15 Year Old Highland Single Malt, celebrating the contrast and harmony created by the interplay of its sherry and bourbon casks. The new dram will become a staple of the Highland distiller’s award-winning core collection….

Go easy on that bubbly!

It’s true, Champagne gets you drunk faster than liquor. If you have occasion to celebrate with Champagne, your night’s going to get real crazy real fast. That Champagne you’ll be popping will get you drunk much quicker than you could have imagined. While a glass…

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