On the bank of the Dornoch First sits one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries — Balblair. founded in 1790.

Its core collection comprises four age statements – the 12-, 15-, 18-, and 25-year-old. Below, are reviews of these whiskies.

12 YO

Quite bland in flavour, the 12-year-old is a good choice if making cocktails that call for scotch.

15 YO

Spice, leather, and dried fruit on the nose, with lemon, orange, milk chocolate, and hazelnuts on the rich, mouth-filling palate.

Of the aged statements from Balblair, the 15-year-old ranks as the top whisky in the collection.

18 YO

This whisky has some harsh elements, but with a few drops of water they ease.

25 YO

The 25-year-old whisky is better balanced than the 18-year-old. Out of the Balblair collection, this age statement comes in second place.

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