Unless you grew up in Russia in the 1970s and 80s, you’ve probably never tried Bulgarian wine. It was during this time that the small Eastern European country became the 4th largest wine producer in the world. However, westerners barely tasted a sip. Ninety percent went to the Soviet Union and the Bulgarian wine industry was a state-run, socialist, wine-growing monopoly. No kidding!

When the socialist regime fell in 1989, land ownership and wineries were transferred back to the private sector. It’s been a long, slow, hard road for the last 30 odd years but now, Bulgarian wine is back!

Bessa Valley

Since ancient times, Bulgaria has been famous for its winemaking and viniculture. It is known for sure that viticulture exists on Bulgarian lands since 4000 BC.

Bessa Valley was inhabited by the ancient Thracian tribe Bessi, who were known as fierce warriors.

Its wine was praised in the songs of the Bards from the West and the poems of the East poets.

Currently, the yield from the Valley is around 650,000 kg of grapes. About 720,000 bottles of wine will be made from those. About 80% of the production is for export.

Cabernet Enira

A product of Bessa Valley, Cabernet Enira is intense, dark ruby in colour. The nose is fruity, typical for this variety, with nuances of black barriers, soil, oak and almonds. It has a round and harmonious middle body with pleasant freshness and acidity. The aftertaste is attractive and juicy.

A Bulgarian table wine to be enjoyed with a relaxing dinner, Cabernet Enira is available from aeclub.com.my.