Limoges Porcelain and Baccarat Crystal feature strongly with many of Larsen’s iconic decanters.

Known as ‘The Cognac of Vikings,’ Larsen Cognacs’ history dates back to 1926 when Jens Reidar Larsen moved from his home country of Norway to France. Seduced by the quality of the brandy that came from Cognac, he devoted much time and effort to become a connoisseur in the subject, and went on to own and run his own Cognac house.

Today, Larsen Cognacs are as well known for their luxury packaging as the quality of their eaux-de-vie, with Limoges Porcelain and Baccarat Crystal featuring strongly with many of their premium Cognacs.

Viking Ship

The Viking Ship, Larson Cognac’s logo and a symbol of the founder’s spirit for adventure, not only represents his journey but has become world-famous as an iconic decanter for the brand since 1952. Larsen’s legacy lives on through 300 bottle variations and limited editions of this legendary decanter.

Black Pearl

The Black Pearl is an exquisite example of Cognac craftsmanship reflected in this delightful decanter. It is synonymous not only with nautical adventure, myth and legend, but equally a symbol of something rare, something special but above all something highly sought after the world over.

A visually stunning piece to sit on any collector’s shelf or drinks cabinet, the elegant, high-quality decanter design reflects the refined and sophisticated Cognac stored within.

The Viking Ship Black Pearl Cognac by Larsen is an elegant Fine Champagne blend from the two premier crus, Grande and Petite Champagne.

Gold Class

The gold decoration of this Viking Ship is hand-painted and finished in 24-carat gold by artisan craftsmen. This is truly a work of art that will appeal to both cognac lovers, and those who collect beautiful works of art.

Gold Sculpture

Gold is amongst the most sought-after, rare and valuable precious metals in the world, its association to sophistication and elegance is synonymous with the Viking Ship Larsen Cognac stored in this superb decorative decanter.

Marble Ruby

This one is in a delightful ‘marble ruby’ tone – created by artisans at the world famous Limoges Porcelain factory. A true collector’s item for those Cognac connoisseurs who wish to drink or display this superb piece.

Ocean Green

Adorned in ocean or seaweed green and 24-carat gold, the stopper is a flag denoting the word “Invincible”, and below are a number of crests. This is truly as much of a work of art as the blend of eaux-de-vie stored within.

90th Anniversary

One of two expressions produced to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Cognac house, the Larsen Viking 90th Anniversary was unveiled in 2016.

This is a modernistic take on Larsen’s emblematic carafe in the shape of a ship that was created in the year 1952. A great one to proudly grace any display shelf, the bottle sports clean lines and a definite minimalistic feel.

This Cognac is presented in a satin-finished deep blue bottle – a truly stunning conversation piece.

A must-have for collectors.

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