Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery was founded in 1993.

Cono Sur´s name refers to its geographic location, representing wines proudly made in South America´s southern cone, on whose western edge lies Chile and its fine wine valleys.

Cono Sur Winery is based in Chimbarongo in Colchagua Valley (where everyone comes to work on a bike!)

Currently, Chile is the leading wine exporter from the New World and the fourth worldwide.

Cono Sur was born around the oldest Pinot Noir vineyards in Chile. It was the first in Chile to produce premium Pinot Noir, and the first to export the variety. It is also one of the world’s largest producers of Pinot Noir, with a Pinot Noir in each of its ranges today, from the everyday Bicicleta line through to the company’s iconic Ocio wine.

Cono Sur has a modern, New World outlook and delivers wines of good value from mainly organic vineyards across Chile. It started its organic project in 2000, seeking to deliver high quality wines while being environmentally responsible. Cono Sur has 300 organic hectares.

In 1998, the winery decided to change its agriculture method from conventional to integrated vineyard management, a system that favours the use of natural alternatives for fertilization, prevention and control of pests and diseases.

In 2000, Cono Sur began the transition to organic management. Organic regulations require the absolute absence of chemicals for at least three years – hence the term transition period – before certifying the fruit from a specific vineyard as organic. This temporary requirement was fulfilled with the 2003 vintage, the year in which Cono Sur made the first harvest of organic grapes.

Another trademark and symbol of the sustainable approach of Cono Sur is the bicycle, a fleet of which you’ll see parked at the winery each morning as all of the local workers arrive from the nearby village on a bicycle.

Matías Ríos is the long-standing winemaker of Cono Sur winery, taking charge of all the lines in winery with a special focus on the premium Pinot Noir wines.

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