It’s true, Champagne gets you drunk faster than liquor.

If you have occasion to celebrate with Champagne, your night’s going to get real crazy real fast. That Champagne you’ll be popping will get you drunk much quicker than you could have imagined.

While a glass of Champagne has the same alcohol content as a glass of wine or a standard cocktail, the bubbles (gas) in Champagne cause it to get absorbed faster in your stomach and into your bloodstream so you get drunk more quickly.

In an hour, you can become drunk by consuming two glasses of this sparkling drink.

As for how long one glass of champagne stay in your system, it takes time for alcohol to be processed by the body. On average, it takes about one hour to metabolize one standard drink.

Worst hangovers

Drinking Champagne and other sparkling wines like Prosecco and Cava leads to worse hangovers than still wine.

It has been found that the carbon dioxide in Champagne and other sparkling wines causes alcohol to be absorbed into the blood stream faster than it does in still wines.

The quicker rate of alcohol absorption leads to a worse hangover the next day.

Devil’s wine

Corks jolted away as if possessed. Bottles exploded, causing chain reactions of shattering bottles. Monks, many of whom were winemakers, called it “le vin du diable” – the wine of the devil.

In the 1600s, a certain Benedictine monk named Dom Perignon discovered ways to properly handle the fermentation, corking, and bottling of this “Devil’s wine”.

Quickly, bottles of sparkling wine from Champagne became synonymous with France and the classy French culture everyone still wants to emulate.

So, if you want to party hard and party fast, choose from AE Club’s selection of Champagne Palmer fine bubbly and have yourself a fun time.

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