Holding a whiskey glass properly allows you to swirl without spilling and slow down the melting of any ice. It also communicates a sense of etiquette and distinction when appreciating a fine whisky.

Depending on the glass itself, you might choose to hold it by:

The base

This is suitable for tumblers, whose thick base will insulate the ice cubes from the heat of your fingertips. Simply support the base of the glass with three to four fingers and stabilise the side closest to you with your thumb.

The stem

For snifters or Glencairn glasses, hold the stem between a thumb and two or three fingers, with the rest of your fingers gently resting on the foot of the glass. This is a good way to ensure the whisky remains at room temperature without excess heat from your hands.

The bowl

A snifter or tulip-shaped glass with a thin stem can also be held by the bowl – a convenient grip for slow and steady swirling. Situate the stem of the glass between your middle and ring fingers and support the entire bowl with your palm.

Enhancing the taste of your whisky

Specialty whisky glassware, such as those by Riedel, can significantly enhance the taste of your whisky by giving individual aromas a chance to breathe. This opens up subtle notes you may not notice if drinking out of a standard glass and brings the full spectrum of sensory appreciation to your drinking experience.

Caring for your crystal whisky glassware

With only a small amount of periodic cleaning and care, your whisky glassware can last a lifetime. Use the following tips to keep your glasses in mint condition.

  1. Hand wash glasses in warm soapy water before rinsing thoroughly and drying with a lint-free cloth.
  2. Avoid twisting glasses around the cloth while gripping the stem, as this can cause breakage. Rotate the entire glass gently instead.
  3. Do not place crystal glasses in the dishwasher. Heat, friction, and detergent can dull or scratch the surface.
  4. Avoid pouring hot liquids into cold glasses, or very cold liquids into warm glasses. Cracks or breakage can ensue.

Perfect as Christmas gifts or to add to your collection, check out Riedel’s range of crystal whisky glassware at aeclub.com.my. Many of the items are on sale now until end of the year.

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