One of the most famous names in Rioja.

Marques de Murrieta is a famous winery that has been making Rioja wines since 1852.

The founder, Luciano Murrieta, made the first Rioja wine and was also the first to export his wines. He even went to Bordeaux to learn more about winemaking techniques and introduced them in Spain.

Murrieta established the concept of a Chateau in the Ygay Estate where he built the emblematic Ygay Castle. He was even appointed as a Marquis by the King Amadeo of Savoy because of his work in Rioja.

Today, Marqués de Murrieta is the oldest family winery in Rioja, Spain’s leading red wine region. They concentrate exclusively on the production of premium Reserva and Gran Reserva wines.

The winery is settled near the southern tip of the Rioja Alta wine area, in the middle of the beautiful Ygay Estate, which is the biggest single estate in Rioja. It’s unusual for the region to have a winery that wholly owns all of its surrounding 300 hectares like a Chateau.

Marqués de Murrieta is a long-term project run by a family company with a clear business philosophy. Since 1996, V Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga, Count of Creixell, whose father purchases the estate in 1983, has been leading the winery with innovative ideas, respect for tradition, and ongoing investments.

The pursuit of quality and excellence through tradition and innovation is their clear vision. They’re dedicated to introducing their fine wines all over the world and are currently present in 70 countries.

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Marques De Murrieta Dalmau Reserva

A bold fruit-forward palate, with fresh acidity and silky tannins gives the wine structure, wideness and depth.

With a perfect balance between elegance and power, Dalmau expresses the awesome personality of the vineyard it comes from.

Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Graciano, Tempranillo

Alcohol: 14.50%

Marques De Murrieta Gran Reserva

Over a base of balsamic aromas, there are hints of spices, ripe black berries, cassis, and figs. The delicate aromatic range is completed with mineral and light earth notes.

The wine is refined and it has a lively palate, with silky texture that is wrapped by polished tannins and a long, persistent finish.

Grape Variety: Garnacha, Graciano, Mazuelo, Tempranillo

Alcohol: 14.00%

Marques De Murrieta Reserva

Refined aromas of plums, blueberries and redcurrants that led to a bed of spices, flowers and balsamic touches, so distinctive of Ygay Estate. Succulent, round and well-balanced in the mouth. A muscular wine with great potential.

The 2018 vintage marks a turning point and inaugurates a new era that represents the future for Marques de Murrieta.

Grape Variety: Garnacha, Graciano, Mazuelo, Tempranillo

Alcohol: 14.00% Check out Marques De Murrieta wines at

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