When paired correctly, wine only enhances the flavours of food. We’ve got 10 wines – with five of them currently on sale – which you can easily pair with popular foods.


Cabernet Sauvignon with red meat

Cabernet Sauvignon has a complex flavour with many layers. Because of its firm tannins, it is best paired with juicy, red meats.

Merlot with poultry

Fruity and yummy, Merlot pairs well with duck or chicken.

Pinot Noir with earthy flavours

A light-bodied red with a deeply savoury quality, Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile wines for food pairing, including with sushi or salmon.

Syrah with spiced dishes

A Syrah is your best choice for heavily seasoned meat. In general, this wine can be paired with any bold flavours, from aromatic herb blends to peppery sauces.

Malbec with barbeque

Malbec is well-known for bringing out the flavours of a beefsteak because of undercurrent flavours of berry and plum. This warm sweetness can be paired with a tangy, sweet, or smoky barbeque sauce without being overshadowed.


Chardonnay with rich, fatty fish

Ranging from zesty to oaky, Chardonnay goes with almost any light dish. It pairs especially well with a delicious fatty fish, such as sea bass.

Cheese and this versatile white make a great combo!

Sauvignon Blanc with tart or acidic sauces and dishes

Sauvignon Blanc may range from a zesty lime to a ripe peach flavour, from extremely dry to deeply oaky. Generally, you can count on any Sauvignon Blanc to work with tangy tastes, like citrus salad dressings.

It also easily pairs with chicken and is one of the few wine varieties that complements fresh asparagus.

Riesling and Gewurztraminer with Asian dishes

An off-dry Riesling tames the wild spices of Asian recipes, including Thai and Indian food.

Gewurztraminer also pairs well with Asian dishes and spicy foods.

Pinot Grigio with light fish dishes

This wine’s subtle acidity buoys a mildly seasoned seafood dish. Pair a Pinot Grigio with a whole white fish grilled and seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon for an easy menu offering.

Chianti and Sangiovese with Italian cuisine

Some say Chianti is as integral to Italian cooking as olive oil.

Sangiovese pairs really well with pasta and pizza.   

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