Mix & Match Caffe Vergnano Arabica and Espresso Lungo x 12 boxes + Free Capsule Machine (reconditioned)


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From 1 December 2022 until stocks last, buy 120 coffee capsules (12 boxes) and get 1 free reconditioned capsule machine.

The 12 boxes of coffee capsules may be a mix & match of Caffe Vergnano Arabica Nespresso Compatible Capsules and Caffe Vergnano Lungo Intenso Nespresso Compatible Capsules.

The reconditioned Capsule Machine is Caffe Vergnano’s new, all-Italian machine, designed exclusively for Espresso 1882 capsules.

Dimension: 11.8cm W x 31.5cm D x 26cm H

Power: 800W

Supply: 240V

Caffe Vergnano Arabica Nespresso Compatible Capsules 5g 

Light brown foam. Nicely roasted aroma, somewhat woody and floral. At first taste, a medium-bodied cup with a good mix of bitterness and acidity. Acidity isn’t particularly bright nor pungent but more delicate. Overall woody, slightly herbal, and a small component of sweetness are the prevailing notes. Medium intensity for a probably medium roast. Vague floral undertones, mostly overcome by the woodiness and Robusta’s characteristics. A solid capsule for medium intensity espresso lovers.

One box contains 10 capsules

Caffe Vergnano Lungo Intenso Nespresso Compatible Capsules 5g

An aromatic blend, balanced, with aromas of citrus, strong flavor and persistent with a pleasant aftertaste of dark chocolate. A mixture obtained by the best Arabica and robust of the Center-South America and Africa. The cream in the cup is compact, with shades of brown. The mixture is suitable for those looking for the express a typical taste of coffee.

One box contains 10 capsules

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Mix & Match

1 x Arabica & 11 x Espresso Lungo, 2 x Arabica & 10 x Espresso Lungo, 3 x Arabica & 9 x Espresso Lungo, 4 x Arabica & 8 x Espresso Lungo, 5 x Arabica & 7 x Espresso Lungo, 6 x Arabica & 6 x Espresso Lungo, 7 x Arabica & 5 x Espresso Lungo, 8 x Arabica & 4 x Espresso Lungo, 9 x Arabica & 3 x Espresso Lungo, 10 x Arabica & 2 x Espresso Lungo, 11 x Arabica & 1 x Espresso Lungo, 12 x Arabica, 12 x Espresso Lungo

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