If you have finally had it with your mash-up of different glasses in the cupboard and want to use really nice glassware to serve your guests at year-end parties, it’s time to go glass shopping!

Types of glasses for wine

Riedel, the renown Austrian brand in elegant glassware, makes two types of glasses for wine – grape varietal specific and wine-friendly.

Riedel Grape Varietal Specific glassware has been designed in tasting workshops to harmonize and highlight the specific characters of different wine varieties. If there’s a particular variety that you can’t live without, we’d always recommend Grape Varietal Specific glassware for your favourites because they will deliver the best experience.

Riedel wine glasses for Riesling/Zinfandel and Cabernet/Merlot.

Wine-friendly glassware is designed to show optimum characteristics in wine, without catering to specific wine varieties. These functional glasses are ideal for those who have an easy-going approach to wine enjoyment.

Riedel also produces glassware for champagne, spirits, and different cocktails, so it’s worth exploring AE Club’s extensive collection as there is a glass for every drink.


Riedel offers ranges that span across three price points – luxury, mid-level, and entry-level – which will allow you to find the ideal products no matter what your budget.

For great buys, AE Club’s Riedel Sale is still on until the end of the year!

Cupboard space

If you’re short on cupboard space but love to entertain, stemless wine glasses can be a great option.

Stemless tumblers are also very versatile. They work well for water, juice or cocktails, and are a fuss-free choice if you either have a small or older dishwasher…or you are the dishwasher!

Riedel wine tumblers.

If you don’t like stemless wine glasses, take a look at the Ouverture collection. These functional pieces have shorter stems, are elegant enough to impress guests, and practical for your daily glass of red or white.

And for that custom-built glassware cabinet, taking up pride of place in your home, there’s nothing more striking than high-stemmed collections, some of which come with coloured stem options for a real wow factor both on and off the table.


Whether you prefer classic or new innovative collections, there is a Riedel glass for every wine lover, spirit aficionado, and champagne connoisseur across a range of price points.

There’s no better time than now to start your wine glass collection by checking out aeclub.com.my to find the type and style of Riedel wine glasses that suit your budget and needs.

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