Champagne flute from Riedel.

The ideal glass to serve Champagne in is a tulip-shaped glass, as this will best keep the bubbles in and retains the flavour of the drink.

Always rinse Champagne flutes with hot water before use and leave to drain. Do not dry them with a cloth or tea towel, as some of the fibres can stick to the glass and dull the effervescent stream of bubbles.

Once the Champagne is poured, the colour of the drink should be admired and the bubbles should be dancing, light and effervescing. Inhale the aroma of the drink, and finally taste the wine. Keep in your mouth for a few seconds to enjoy the true nature of the Champagne – be it light or full bodied, delicate or complex. And most importantly…enjoy!

The choice glass second to none, the Vivant Champagne four-piece set from Austrian brand Riedel is made of dishwasher-safe crystal. With Christmas less than a week away, this fine stemware makes a beautiful gift and is available at where the Riedel Sale is still on until the end of the year.

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