Water from the spring, bottled untouched.

One of the world’s largest bottled water brands, Acqua Panna is fine quality still natural mineral water. Its source is located 1,100 metres (3,700 feet) high in the Apennine Mountains of Tuscany, to the north of Florence, in Italy.

Acqua Panna is considered as naturally alkaline water because of its 7.9 or higher pH level – a direct result of its journey through the rocks which helps the water to reach such a unique mineral balance.

Acqua Panna comes in a variety of sizes in both glass and plastic bottles, designed with every need in mind.

The smaller 25 cl glass bottle is convenient for quick meals on the run.

The ever-versatile 50 cl glass bottle enhances and adds a touch of Italian style to any food experience.

Made with recyclable plastic, the 75 cl bottle with sport cap is right for on-the-go hydration for busy people.

The larger 1L size with screw cap is ideal to take out to a picnic in the park or a party at home.

An iconic lily or fleur de lis, located at the heart of every Acqua Panna bottle, encapsulates the iconic mineral water’s unique smooth taste and Tuscan heritage. A decorative lily flower with regal roots which serves as timeless symbol of beauty, purity and nobility.

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