The size of your chosen glass depends on how the whisky is served.

As a general rule of thumb, short and stout glasses are best suited to whisky that’s neat or on the rocks, while taller glasses that have room for mixers and ice are perfect for long drinks.

Rocks glass

A Rocks glass, also known as a tumbler or old-fashioned glass, is what most people think of when they imagine whisky on the rocks. It’s a short glass with a thick base that’s perfect for insulating ice cubes or muddling the ingredients in a whisky cocktail.

Neat glass

The Neat glass, on the other hand, is proportionally smaller than the Rocks glass and designed to fit comfortably in the hand and appear full when filled with the optimum amount of spirits.

An added bonus? The decoration at the bottom of a Riedel Neat glass indicates an exact filling line of 60ml for easy measured pours!

Long Drink glass

Also called Highball glasses, Long Drink glasses are tall, narrow glasses that have plenty of room for ice and a mixer. Use one for a classic long drink such as a scotch and soda, or whisky with dry ginger ale.

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