Vinum became the first machine-made glass in history to be based on the characteristics of grape varietals.

Vinum was not developed on a drawing board, but in tasting workshops, based on performance, where the content commands the shape. The pleasure of enjoying fine wine starts with the right glass.

Why the shape matters

Grape varietal-specific stemware has to translate the “message“ of wine to the human senses. It features finely-tuned glass bowls consisting of three variables: shape, size and rim diameter.

Architecture of stemware

Is determined by three parts: bowl, stem, and base. The design (the architecture or construction) of a stemmed glass has to relate harmoniously in size, height and width.

The size of the bowl has to correspond and synchronize with the height of the stem and the width of the base. The relation of these measurements determines the seamless proportion of the three parts.

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