With wine lovers, the quest for a perfect bottle of red wine never ends. Hence, the way to go is to be open to new things. Trying a little of everything – a Cabernet from Italy or a Pinot Noir from Spain. These wines may not be the most famous or popular from Italy or Spain but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad wines. So, be open to new tastes. You never know what hidden gems you will uncover.

For the adventurous, Sangiovese will do weird things to your mouth, as the acids will make it water and the tannins will stick to the sides. You might also taste tobacco, soil, and pepper. There’s a whole lot going on with this one!

Nebbiolo also has strong tannins and tons of acid. It’s a tricky wine, as the light colour belies the insane flavour coming to smash you. The flavours of this wine get more interesting and complex as it ages, which is why it’s a great one to splurge on…and then save for a special occasion.

Drink with gamey, fatty meats like wild boar, goose, duck, pork shank. Basically, this is what you’d drink if you’d just won a battle in the Middle Ages and were enjoying a celebratory feast!

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