It was quite a year, with some wineries enduring rough seas.

It was a year without parallel and 2020 changed everything – but did it change what we wanted to drink?

Yes and no.

Indeed, how we searched and what we looked for changed. But on the whole, we are as consistent as previous years – we still like our wines to be mostly red and mainly from France.

One thing that has certainly changed in the Covid-riddled year has been the number of people looking for wine online.

In 2019, more than 210 million searches on wine were registered. That number shot up to 240 million in 2020.

With people staying home to stay safe, e-commerce sites saw a significant increase in online orders.

The top 10 most-searched-for wines last year are really no surprise – they were almost the same wines as 2019, just in a slightly different order.

The interesting thing is how many increased their search numbers.

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