When it comes to decanting young wines, the Riedel brand has truly mastered the art. With their intricate “double decanting” products, they have found a way to unlock the true potential of these wines, enhancing their flavours, aromas, and overall enjoyment.

Riedel Ayam Rosa decanter

You see, young wines can often benefit from decanting, as it allows them to become smoother and rounder in taste. By exposing the wine to oxygen, the sulfides, which are meant to protect the wine as it ages, dissipate. This process is crucial in bringing out the wine’s true character and complexity. And this is where Riedel’s highly functional decanters come into play.

Riedel decanters are intelligently designed to actively aerate the wine as it pours. Their unique shapes incorporate air pockets that create a vacuum, infusing oxygen into the wine as it gracefully flows through the decanter. It’s like a symphony of flavours being awakened with every pour.

Riedel Eve decanter

The journey of Riedel’s double decanting began in 2008 with the introduction of their first masterpiece, Eve. This innovative creation marked the start of a series of decanters themed around snakes. Enter the Snake decanters—a mesmerising blend of functionality and aesthetics that adds a touch of theatricality to any dining setting.

Among the snake-inspired collection, the Mamba stands out, drawing inspiration from the elegant black mamba, the fastest snake in the world. Just like its namesake, this decanter exudes energy and vigour in its seductive design. Its several chambers allow the wine to flow through, undergoing the double decanting process and intense aeration—a feat that would typically take hours in a traditional decanter. But with the Mamba, you can experience this transformation in no time.

Riedel Mamba decanter

The Mamba’s long neck serves a dual purpose. It not only facilitates pouring but also adds a vitalizing effect when the wine is served. As you pour, you’ll be treated to the harmonious glugging sound—a delightful symphony that not only signifies perfect aeration but also showcases the wine’s vitality. It’s an experience that goes beyond taste and engages all your senses.

To celebrate the Year of the Snake, Riedel introduced the handmade Boa decanter. This masterpiece embodies power, among other qualities associated with the snake. Compared to previous snake-inspired decanters, the Boa features a more tightly coiled body, which works wonders in extracting the full flavour profile of wines through its double decanted design.

Riedel Boa decanter

So, if you have a bottle tucked away in your cellar, waiting for another ten years to reach its peak but you can’t resist the temptation, Riedel’s highly functional decanters are your ticket to unlocking its true potential. These meticulously crafted pieces not only enhance the wine’s aromas and flavours but also make the decanting process an integral part of your enjoyment. With Riedel, it’s not just about pouring wine—it’s about elevating the experience to new heights.

Pictures courtesy of Riedel

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