Have you ever wondered how much you have in common with your favourite wines? Does your thoughtful side make you more Cabernet or Pinot Noir? Is your energetic nature closer to Riesling or Champagne? Or maybe you’re a Shiraz with a dash of Chardonnay? Find out below!

Cabernet: The Serious One

You take your passions very seriously, whatever they are. Whether you love gardening or astrophysics, you make it your business to be as rich in knowledge on those topics as possible. You love to share information on your favourite subjects with others too – regardless of whether they ask or not. To be honest, some people have described you as a little full-on.

When it comes to socialising, you much prefer a quiet dinner to a rowdy party and are likely to be sharing the latest book you’ve read or new facts you’ve learned. Anything to avoid talking about yourself! Friends say that you don’t open up quickly and take a little while to get to know, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Syrah/Shiraz: The Charmer

You’ve been known to bat an eyelid or flash a disarming smile to get your way – because it usually works. You’re very social and can tell a great story, so have a big group of friends and are often invited to events. People find you to be pretty down to earth, so it’s rare to find anyone that you don’t get along with.

Having said that, you can have a bit of a hot temper if not dealt with correctly. You can be very intense about your passions, and your spicy side is often brought out by another personality similar to yours. There’s only room for one smooth-talking loudmouth around here!

Pinot Noir: The Fancy One

It has to be said, you’ve got good taste. You have impeccable manners, have a passion for great food, and actually know how to decipher that enormous wine list. You love indulging in the finer things in life and are quite comfortable being the best-dressed person in the room.

You always say the right thing in any situation, and there’s rarely an occasion that you don’t appear to fit in – but appearances aren’t always as they seem. You can be intensely emotional, and there is a lot about you that many people don’t know. You keep your soft, vulnerable side private, only revealed to a lucky few.

Chardonnay: The One in the Know

Whether it’s the newest restaurant or the latest gossip, you’ve already heard it, you know all about it, and you’re telling your friends. You have a lot of diverse hidden talents. You know all sorts of tricks and hacks, which means you keep your cool under stressful circumstances.

Many would describe you as a smooth operator, with a warm aura that charms those in your sight. Want to nab a table at the last minute, or convince someone to go the extra mile for you? You’ve got the right info to talk your way in, or you know someone who can get you there. As they say, butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth!

Sauvignon Blanc: The Social Butterfly

You live by the saying, “It didn’t happen if it wasn’t posted about on Instagram”! From your perfectly plated brunch to a glass of fruity white wine on your coastal holiday, you love to photograph absolutely everything. You have a formula to your Instagram page, a favourite filter, and get a kick out of every Like. Because who doesn’t want to be liked?

You are often described as vibrant and fun. You’re light-hearted and don’t take life too seriously. People might say you don’t have much substance, but what do they know! It’s their own problem if they don’t see your great qualities. Besides…those people are dull! (And they definitely don’t have several thousand followers.)

Riesling: The Energetic One

Being bored is your worst enemy. You are always moving from one project to the next, and love to discover new things. You have a lively, electric personality. Some may find this a bit grating, but close friends love how eager you are. They want to try kickboxing, or take a spicy cooking class, or go on an impromptu trip? They know you’re the one to call.

Your attitude is to live every day as it comes, because you know one day you’ll run out of steam. You can see yourself slowing down with age, becoming more mellow and a bit sweeter. But for today? There’s another adventure out there somewhere, and you’re going to find it!

Champagne: The Life of the Party

In your opinion, there’s always something to celebrate. Got up for a morning run instead of sleeping in, or nailed that work presentation? A good enough reason to pat yourself on the back. And just because you’re throwing the party, doesn’t mean you can’t be at the centre of it! The drinks are cold, the music is pumping, and, as per usual, you’ve dressed to draw as much attention as possible.

It helps that you have a naturally warm and bubbly nature that makes everyone around you feel special. You love to connect and engage with others, and you’re a great listener. People know they can come to you for advice and a hug, and you’re guaranteed to lift them up and make them feel better.