Ideal for gifts and dinners – both formal and casual – Riedel glassware is easy to care for if you follow a few guidelines and tips.

  • Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe
  • To remove stains, use white vinegar
  • To avoid stains, use soft water (low mineral content)
  • To avoid scratches, avoid glass contact with other glass or metal
  • If available, use a stemware rack
  • If washing by hand, wash the glass under warm water (use detergent and rinse the glass carefully)
  • When polishing glass, use two polishing cloths and never hold the glass by the base to polish the bowl
  • Stem snap occurs through mishandling – avoid torque or bend pressure at the stem
  • Avoid glass storage in kitchen cabinets that have strong aromas
  • Wash your microfiber polishing cloth at boiling temperature (to kill bacteria) with odourless soap
  • Machine wash your microfiber polishing cloth at a minimum of 170°F/75°C
  • Never use fabric softener when rinsing your microfiber polishing cloth

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